Mazda3 has been criticized – do you notice what's wrong with the design of the hatchback?

Mazda3 has just come true and looks really good. Mazda seems to improve the quality of interior materials, the design looks fresh and modern and new engine technologies are intriguing.

However, looking at the photo of the hatchback, journalists have noticed this. This is very annoying. Do you see it?

The performance of Mazda3 also tell a lot about the strategy of the brand. It turned out that Mazda will continue to develop internal combustion engines because it sees that they still have an untapped potential that appears before 2050 and probably long after.

The Japanese manufacturer has also revealed that he wants to make cars for lovers, people who want to drive and therefore they come from a driver instead of a technology.

But at the same time, Mazda revealed that it probably will not have the money to make a hot Mazda3 version.

Meanwhile, the design of Mazda3 looks pretty good. It is different, fresh and modern. Extremely beautiful cars look from the front, but they also look from the other corners, they have not missed the eyes.

Certainly, the hatchback has a clear disadvantage – the gigantic rear suspension. View the top of the photo and then go to this Volkswagen Golf.

Volkswagen Golf also has no car with a perfect viewing angle, but it is much better than the Mazda3. The line of the latest Mazda model is so wide that journalists could hardly believe how it is possible.

The rear side window stops at an angle and the rear of the car pushes the boot lid down. The result is a support bar that can be fitted with a different glass (of course this is not possible for other reasons).

And that is not all. The rear car glass is surprisingly small, with its complicated shape. It is difficult to expect someone to pay the driver for visibility when he looks back.

There is no doubt that looking through the shoulder is quite complicated, and in the mirror the back glass will look just as wide as the opening of the letterbox.

You will notice that the sedan does not have such a broad pillar. Hatchback is needed as a safety component. The sedans still have sufficient bodywork that can be used to improve safety.

However, the broader Mazda3 hatchback is essentially a design problem and not an innovative way to improve body security.

On the other hand, is it really such a big problem? Probably not. Numerous street cars do not look at the perfect picture angle when they look back.

This can interfere with some intersections, it certainly does not help with the boat, the cabin is darker than it could be.

However, this is not a critically significant disadvantage that would prevent Mazda from selling thousands of Mazda3 cars. On the other hand, more buyers may pay more due to the connection and buy a version of the sedan.

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