Mini expects a lot from the new Clubman

The Mini expects the Clubman, the debut of the Frankfurt Motor Show, to stand out in the compact car segment due to its unusual appearance. Peter Schwarzenbauer, member of the BMW Group responsible for the Mini and Rolls-Royce brands, notes that most prestigious compact cars are very practical but boring nowadays. According to him, the new "Mini" will have a distinctive look of this brand and add more emotions.

Mini Clubman

The new Clubman is considerably larger than its predecessor – the length is 425 cm and the wheelbase – even 267 cm, so it is only 0.2 cm shorter than that of Volkswagen Golf. The manufacturer has left the unusual rear door on the passenger and rear doors and replaced the normal rear doors. The delicate back door that is accentuated by the distinguishing characteristics of the Clubman is however preserved in a new model. According to P. Schwarzenbauer, the new Clubman has already reached the "Mini" limit because a larger car would resist the real name of the brand.

Mini Clubman

Earlier, Mini announced that the Paceman, Roadster and Coupe models have been abandoned. Mr. Schwarzenbauer said that the Mini does not intend to follow the examples of other brands and to flood the models with every possible niche. Instead, the intention is to offer five models with a distinctive character. Four Mini models are already known: it is the hatchback, the convertible, the off-road vehicle of the Countryman and the Clubman bus, while the fifth is still a mystery. Presumably it could be a model based on the conceptual rider Superleggera, but Mr. Schwarzenbauer could not confirm that Superleggera will be produced. He noticed that the riders segment is very small and is still declining, so the project would not be financially easy.

Mini Clubman

According to P. Schwarzenbauer, the Mini will introduce a new model every year in the coming years. In January the new Clubman will be for sale and the Countryman of the next generation will also have to be on the market for about a year. The latter should not be bigger than the current model, because according to the manual buyers of this off-road car do not complain about lack of space.

Mini Clubman salon

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