Compact SUV Volvo XC40 makes its debut in 2018.

According to Automotive News Europe, 2018 At the beginning of the year Volvo will introduce a new compact SUV, which is probably called the XC40. The Swedish manufacturer Hakan Samuelsson confirmed that the compact SUV was considered a priority, but declined to comment on the name and time of execution. Certainly, it is at least

Bentayga becomes the first diesel Bentley

Already in the first half of next year, the very first Bentley diesel-driven diesel engine will come out of the market for the very first SUV Bentayga. According to Automotive News Europe, diesel Bentayga costs 146.5 thousand in Germany. The euro is the cheapest version of this SUV, since the W-12 petrol engine is equipped

Hyundai Kona EV, pioneer in the breakthrough of electric vehicles, introduced in Lithuania

The most advanced Hyundai Kona EV electric vehicle sold in Lithuania is presented in Vilnius. The high capacity experimental battery, compact housing, attractive price and exceptional comfort features in the list of electric vehicles are already in the queue and the list of orders is also quickly completed. "The market for electric vehicles is already

Style Icon 2.0: debut New Range Rover Evoque

As soon as he appeared on the market in 2011, he became the benchmark for a stylish off-road car of luxury cities. Coming from the fashion stage, it is well-managed, compact and practical enough to become popular in many markets, including Lithuania. Today's debut, Range Rover Evoque has inherited an aristocratic look and quality, has

Why Tesla is not like any other car manufacturer

Lucas Ciferri, editor in chief of Automotive News Europe on the blog of this blog, points out that Tesla Motors is very different from other car manufacturers. L.Ciferri notes that Dieter Zetsche, CEO of Dieter, is unlikely to save his position if the manufacturer is profitable for only a quarter in six years. The head

Business class cars are running slower

How do you imagine a business class car? Many will think of a large premium sedan. Make sure you are black. But the fashion market is changing. The world is dominated by SUV models, as evidenced by statistics from the Lithuanian National Car 2019, with more than half of all 33 applicants in the best