How many electric cars are cleaner than conventional cars depends on where you are

The decision to replace an ordinary vehicle with an electric vehicle may be less ecological than expected. First of all, you must evaluate how your electricity is produced. Automotive News Europe-critic Anna Hirtenstein notes that in regions where electricity comes from renewable sources and nuclear power plants, the use of electric cars generates much more

Los Angeles introduced the new Porsche 911

The Eighth Generation Sports Car Standards – Porsche 911 – can be seen at the Los Angeles Auto Show. It remains inexcusable and modern – the exterior of the 911 is highlighted by the world-famous muscular lines and the interior is a touch-sensitive 10.9-inch screen. Innovative solutions in the pending and rear engine match perfectly

A cheap car is a test for the decentralization of Volkswagen

Automotive News Europe-critic Andreas Cremer points out that the project for an economic Indian car market will show how successful the Volkswagen group leader Matthias Müller is to decentralize the largest car manufacturer in Europe. In March, Mr M.Meller said that the project had coordinated this project with the Škoda brand, negotiating a possible cooperation

The share of alternative fuels on the market for new cars has already exceeded 6%

Lately there has been a lot of talk about hybrid and electric cars. Especially after the widespread dissemination of information that diesel cars, although emitting less carbon dioxide (CO2) than petrol, pollute the atmosphere considerably with nitrogen oxides (NOx) and solid particles (mainly soot). Let us analyze which alternatives for diesel and petrol are found