Sudie, exterior mirrors on the outside?

It turns out that the lateral rear-view mirrors may only be remembered in the future: as reviewers of Audi & # 39; s and Mercedes-Benz of Automotive News Europe, legislators want to be convinced that side mirrors have to be replaced by cameras, what safety and / would reduce pollution. Audi introduced its imaginary solution at the Frankfurt Motor Show: the concept of e-tron quattro. Ulrich Hackenberg, head of product and technology development at Audi, said in 2018, with a serial production version of the side mirrors with cameras.

Audi e-tron quattro conceptual model

According to U. Hackenberg the authorities are very interested in such a decision because it increases safety. The idea of ​​Audi is to automatically analyze the camera image and warn the driver of a dangerous situation on both sides of the car. The refusal of side mirrors would also contribute to reducing car emissions, which would improve their aerodynamic performance, which would reduce fuel consumption. According to U. Hackenberg the e-tron quattro has a resistance coefficient of 0.25, which is a very good result for an SUV. The small resistance of this model is due to the refusal of the mirrors and the long rear flush.

On the same Frankfurt show, Mercedes-Benz also demonstrated its breathtaking vision of the car: the four-door Concept IAA, which has hidden cameras behind the front wheels instead of the side mirrors. The image of these cameras is transmitted to the screen in the middle of the rearview mirror.

Mercedes-Benz Concept IAA

Car manufacturers try to convince lawmakers that camera's contribute to security improvements. Manufacturers also argue that they should be given more freedom to meet increasingly stringent environmental standards.

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