The growing demand for off-road vehicles is changing in a single corner

Automotive News Europe-critic Luca Ciferri, analyzing JATO Dynamics' new car registration data for the first half of this year, notes that the ever-growing popularity of SUVs is affecting more segments of one segment. The total number of unicorns registered in the first half of the year decreased by 13% to 582 thousand. pcs. Last year, 657 thousand people were registered in Europe. MPV. The Opel Meriva, Volkswagen Touran and Citroen C3 Picasso had previously received a lot of interest from buyers, but their registrations fell in the first half of the year. Meanwhile, off-road registration rose by 18% to nearly 1.6 million. pcs.

JATO Dynamics data show that more than 21% of new car buyers in the first half of this year have opted for an SUV or at least one off-road vehicle. Last year this share was 20% and in 2013 – 17% In addition, all off-road segments grew much faster than the market itself.

Renault Captur

One of the pioneers of the off-road market, Renault, is the decision to place a small, single-hull SUV hatchback Captur on a market-changing market. Renault Espace was one of the first large monoons and Scenic, which was called Megane Scenic at the time, created a medium-sized segment with one segment. However, the small modular "Modus" was not successful, while Captur leads the small SUV class with confidence.

Last year, the debut of the new generation Espace also wants to satisfy the buyers: the cumbersome and box-office unit of the previous generation has been replaced by a sleek form of an off-road model. It must be recognized that such a Renault solution has proven: the registration of Espace in the first half year has increased by as much as 61%, while the largest segment with one segment has decreased by 11%. Thierry Bollore, a Renault-based competitor, believes that the market is changing with the changing tastes of customers, so producers have to adjust.

Renault Espace

The overall performance of the European market exceeded analyst forecasts, which grew by 7.8% to 7.3 million in the first half of the year. pcs. The fastest growing segment of electric vehicles (+ 57% to 43 thousand units), but it accounts for only 0.58% of the total market. The second growth segment was a small off-road segment (+ 36% to 532 thousand units) and third place went to the large SUV class (+ 26% to 29 thousand units). In terms of volume, the segment of small cars (1,481 thousand units) was the leader, but the class of compact cars (1,342,000 units) approached it. The third place went to minicars (632 thousand units).

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