The largest dealer group in Europe is adopting an American business model

Based on data from United Kingdom-based auto distribution company ICDP, the US-based centralized business model has successfully adapted British dealers to better withstand economic fluctuations, and now their example is followed by dealers in Germany and Scandinavia. According to last year's earnings, the list of the 50 largest European dealers on the ICDS list was the first to be truly represented by UK representatives: in the top ten we find six dealers in this country. It is Pendragon's first place, the second-run Sytner (belonging to the Penske group of the United States), Inchcape's third fourth, which is active in Lithuania, fifth place Arnold Clark, Lookers and Top Ten ending at Vertu.

Among the ten largest European dealers, we will also find two Swiss representatives – Emil Frey, third to fourth, and AMAG seventh. The Netherlands-dominated Pon Holdings, located in eighth place, and ninth place the Belgian dealer D & # 39; Ieteren Motor, came in here.

ICDP CEO Steve Young notes that most dealers in Europe are small family businesses. According to him, even a few large dealer groups in continental Europe have operated to date and have had little influence on the work of individual representations. Due to the crisis in 2009-2013, due to the sharp decline in car sales, dealers have made changes, especially in Germany, Sweden and Norway.

Volkswagen salon

According to S. Young, dealers centralize their functions by approving practices in the United States and Great Britain. As an example he mentioned the Swedish retailer Bilia and the German dealer AVAG. Centralization provides economies of scale and better compliance with strict requirements of the manufacturer, for example with a single call center.

According to S. Young, about half of European dealers sell less than 150 cars a year, and they should seriously consider withdrawing from the market if they reach this limit. According to Bernstein Research, Europe is faced with a surplus of dealers. Since 2007 the number of sellers has decreased by approximately 12% to 47.5%, while the sales of new cars decreased by 20%. Bernstein Research analyst Max Warburton is of the opinion that the network of European dealers is not as effective as the US.

According to the ICDP, sales of the ten best European dealers and sales volumes of new cars rose last year by 13%, while sales of used cars increased by 11%. Volkswagen Group (572 representative offices) went to sales by manufacturers, followed by PSA / Peugeot-Citroen (282) and Renault (217) last year in second place. Daimler last year dropped its own showroom in retail at the fourth place with no less than 64 units. up to 188 salons.

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