New story page – BMW 8 Series Coupé

The long-awaited flagship of the eighth BMW series has arrived in Vilnius and can already be seen in the Krasta Auto cab. The BMW 8 is one of the most innovative cars in its class, with its modern driver assistance systems and connectivity technologies as lighthouses that indicate the direction in which other car manufacturers

In Lithuania: the fastest luxury dance in the world – Bentley Mulsanne Speed

An exclusive Bentley Mulsanne speed car is presented at Bentley's official representative office in Lithuania. This model is named after the world's most powerful four-door luxury sedan. Bentley is top class – British engineers like no other are able to discover the astonishing balance between dynamic driving and comfort. That is why the Bentley models

The largest dealer group in Europe is adopting an American business model

Based on data from United Kingdom-based auto distribution company ICDP, the US-based centralized business model has successfully adapted British dealers to better withstand economic fluctuations, and now their example is followed by dealers in Germany and Scandinavia. According to last year's earnings, the list of the 50 largest European dealers on the ICDS list was

Mini expects a lot from the new Clubman

The Mini expects the Clubman, the debut of the Frankfurt Motor Show, to stand out in the compact car segment due to its unusual appearance. Peter Schwarzenbauer, member of the BMW Group responsible for the Mini and Rolls-Royce brands, notes that most prestigious compact cars are very practical but boring nowadays. According to him, the

Third BMW series – with great news in Lithuania

The biggest automotive news in the fall are – the seventh generation of the 3rd generation BMW has already been featured. Engineers have developed their aerodynamic and attractive bodywork, efficient suspension technology and advanced engines for years. For a number of hours, specialists in automotive technology have also devised a number of innovative and routine

Sudie, exterior mirrors on the outside?

It turns out that the lateral rear-view mirrors may only be remembered in the future: as reviewers of Audi & # 39; s and Mercedes-Benz of Automotive News Europe, legislators want to be convinced that side mirrors have to be replaced by cameras, what safety and / would reduce pollution. Audi introduced its imaginary solution